St. Louis Medical Negligence Attorney

Medical negligence occurs when a doctor or other individual in the medical profession fails to fulfill his or her duties in taking care of a patient and causes injury or illness in that patient as a result. Approximately 180,000 people suffer injury due to negligent care from a doctor or medical professional each year, and many of those injuries end up being fatal to the victim. Medical negligence can come in many forms, and some of the most common examples include:

  • Doctor negligence: A doctor's failure to properly treat a patient, including misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, and prescription error.
  • Surgical negligence: A surgeon's failure to conduct a surgery properly or in a sanitary manner, or to properly treat the patient for postoperative infection
  • Medication negligence: Prescription error consists of prescribing the wrong medication or the wrong amount of medication, as well as administration of the wrong medication or in the wrong dosage
  • Nurse negligence: Negligence on the part of a professional nurse that leads to illness or injury in the victim

In every one of these cases, the medical practitioner responsible may be liable for the damages that are suffered by the victim. If you have been victimized by medical negligence and left injured or ill as a result, then it is imperative that you contact a St. Louis personal injury lawyer right away. We will work to protect your rights in the aftermath of the injury and we may be able to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Meyerkord & Meyerkord is a St. Louis-based law firm that provides compassionate and focused legal assistance to those who need help in their medical malpractice cases. We understand the vital role family plays in an individual's life, which is why we fight every case with the goal of obtaining an outcome that is beneficial to the client and the client's family. If you have been injured due to medical negligence, contact our offices and we will work to increase the likelihood of you receiving full compensation from the individual or individuals at fault.