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Medication Errors

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Medication & Prescription Errors in St. Louis

Medication errors make up roughly a quarter of all malpractice cases in the United States, with the failure to administer the proper dosage being the most common error made. As nurses are primarily the ones who issue medication to patients, they, along with the hospital and prescribing physicians, are the ones most commonly charged with medical malpractice due to committing a medication error. In such cases, these negligent individuals are often liable for the damages suffered by the victim, and they may have to provide compensation to cover the costs of the victim's medical expenses and any other expenses related to the medication error.

Prescription Errors

Nearly four 4 billion prescriptions are written every year, each one with the potential to have great benefit for the patient. There are many instances, however, where a prescription error is made, and this can cause substantial injury or illness to the victim, or even wrongful death.

The following are a few examples of common prescription errors:

  • A physician prescribed the wrong medication for a particular condition
  • A physician prescribed the correct medication, but in the wrong dosage or frequency
  • A physician failed to recognize that a patient is already on another medication which may be dangerous when combined with the new medication being prescribed
  • Pharmacists failed to catch doctor error / negligence
  • Pharmacists administered the wrong prescription or dosage
  • Pharmacists provided wrong instructions for the medication
  • A doctor failed to monitor the medication's effects on a patient

Any one of these situations can result in tragic consequences for the victim, and in such a case the person responsible may be held fully liable for the damages incurred. If you have been victimized by prescription error and are seeking compensation for your pain and suffering, it is imperative you contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney today for experienced legal help.

Legal Assistance From Meyerkord & Kurth

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