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Construction Accidents

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Construction workers have a physical and dangerous job, where life-changing injuries can happen in a moment. Working with heavy machinery and power tools is always dangerous, and on construction sites, victims are often left with brain damage, broken bones, and paralyzing damage to their spinal cord.

Because construction workers often face severe injuries, they may need an extensive recovery period during which they will not be able to earn any income. Their medical treatment needs are likely to compound already stretched finances. This is the exact problem workers’ compensation exists to solve.

However, applying for help is much easier than receiving a fair settlement offer. Our experienced attorneys have worked a collective 100 years, negotiating with insurers where possible and filing lawsuits for compensation when necessary. If you need assistance with your claim, reach out to see what we can do for you.

Our St. Louis workers’ compensation attorneys are ready to help the victims of serious work accidents.

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Dangers on Construction Sites

The construction industry is by far the most dangerous for employees. It’s responsible for roughly 1 in 5 American workplace fatalities each year: In 2018, over 1,000 construction workers were involved in fatal accidents. More than 75,000 others were injured. Machinery and construction materials are often involved in these accidents, but they alone cannot be blamed. A series of New York Times interviews with construction workers identified dangerous jobsite factors including a lack of training, rush jobs, and the fact that many employers do not provide proper protective equipment.

Even with safety measures and procedures in place, accidents occur on a regular basis. However, many worksites increase the danger by failing to follow rules set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Federal investigators found the top workplace violations between Oct. 2017 and Sept. 2018 were:

  • Lack of fall protection
  • Insufficient communication about workplace hazards
  • Scaffolding that did not meet safety standards
  • Lack of respiratory protective equipment
  • Dangerous practices regarding electrical hazards

Federal standards exist to keep workers safe, and when employers break them—either knowingly or not—they are endangering everyone they have hired. You may be able to hold a company accountable if its failure to comply with these rules resulted in an injury.

Injury (and Fatalities) from Construction Accidents

With so many hazards around them, construction workers may suffer a variety of hurts ranging from mild to severe. The most common types of injuries are sprains, strains, and tears affecting workers’ ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Recovery may take weeks or even months, resulting in a major disruption to the victim’s income stream. Other common injuries (pain, lacerations or punctures, etc.) may have a shorter recovery period but can still drive employees to seek medical care they need but can’t afford.

It’s a company’s job to keep all workers safe—and though they may claim the blame lies with a negligent worker, in the end, all accidents reflect on the employer. Especially because there are (or should be) redundancies to maintain worker safety on these sites, one mistake is unlikely to cause a catastrophe. However, a combination of untrained workers, lax policies, poor communication, and an emphasis on profit over safety could cause a cascade of damages if a mistake is made.

Of course, workers’ compensation insurance is no-fault, meaning you can apply no matter what caused the accident. However, if a third party holds additional liability for one of the above factors, you might be able to sue for additional compensation.

Some of the most common construction accidents include:

What If Workers’ Comp Isn’t Enough to Cover Your Injury?

After a workplace accident, you are most likely entitled to file a claim for workers' compensation, which Missouri law requires almost all companies to carry. Unfortunately, even if your claim is accepted the first time, workers' comp insurers often do not award you an adequate payout to cover all your needs, including medical bills, lost wages, decreased earning potential, and rehabilitative costs.

Sometimes, this is because the insurer thinks they can get out of paying by challenging your claims. In other cases, the reimbursement rate for lost wages (two-thirds of your average weekly pay) simply does not cover all your expenses. If you are in this situation, we may be able to help you find additional sources of compensation. Third parties such as the construction manager, property owner, or general contractor may be liable for your injuries in addition to your employer.

Get Help After a Construction Injury

Before accepting a workers’ compensation settlement, consult with one of our construction accident attorneys to discuss your legal options and determine the potential worth of your claim. Construction injuries can affect your career now and later, as many result in permanent disabilities. We want to make sure you are taken care of if you’ve been hurt.

With help from our experienced construction accident lawyers in St. Louis, you may be able to recover the compensation you need to move forward with your life. Get a free consultation by calling our firm at (800) 391-4318

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