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Workers' Compensation

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St. Louis Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Protecting Workers’ Rights During Their Recovery

When you have been injured in an accident and want to secure financial compensation by filing a personal injury claim, it is necessary to prove that the accident was caused by the negligence or wrongful actions of another person. If you have been injured on the job, however, this is not the case.

Under state law, all Missouri businesses with 5 or more employees, and nearly all construction companies, are required to carry workers' compensation insurance, whether by purchasing a policy or through self-insurance. Workers' comp is a no-fault insurance policy that does not require you to demonstrate another person’s liability in your accident. Provided that you did not cause your injury through willful negligence, you can file a claim for benefits with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer.

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Your Right to Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Whether you are injured in an accident while at work or you suffer a physical disability caused by repetitive motion at your job, you have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits. By law, most employers are required to have workers' comp insurance coverage to pay for workers’ medical care, missed wages, partial or full disability, and even death benefits. However, your employer may try to dissuade you from filing a claim by failing to provide you with the information you need. Our attorneys can explain everything you need to know in such a situation.

If you do need to file a claim, we will help you get it filed on time and with all the necessary paperwork to prevent any unnecessary disqualification or denial of your claim. Filing for workers' compensation benefits is similar to any other insurance claim; the insurance companies often deny or reduce your payment if they think they can get away with it. When you have an experienced attorney on your side, it becomes much more difficult for them to take undue advantage by offering a settlement that is too small.

Filing for Workers' Compensation

While a lawyer is not required when filing a workers’ comp claim, you may want to consult with one before you start the process to make sure you know your rights. Our experienced attorneys can also help you understand what to expect. The process may be slow, which can further stress someone who is already dealing with a serious injury Our team can help you get through the red tape and insurance paperwork so you can access the medical treatment you need to recover for a smooth recovery.

Though the workers’ compensation program was created to protect workers involved in on-the-job accidents, it does not always provide the immediate support an injury victim needs. Workers' compensation insurance adjusters do not work for you—they are paid by your employer. It is their job to help their company pay as little as possible. Though they may frame their work as protection against false claims, they will often challenge fully legitimate cases in hopes of saving money.

What Does Workers' Compensation Cover?

When your claim for workers' compensation is approved, you can receive the medical treatment you need to achieve the "maximum medical improvement," the level at which your work-related injury has healed as well as your doctor expects it will. You can also receive disability benefits to help replace your lost wages so you can continue to support your family. Unfortunately, these wage-replacement benefits provided are calculated at a rate of 66.6% of a worker's average weekly wage. No one needs financial worries while they are trying to recover from an injury.

There are different types of disability benefits that provide different amounts, depending on whether you are temporarily or permanently disabled and whether you are fully or partially disabled. Your eligibility will be assessed by your healthcare provider, but if you believe your injury has been understated, we can help you challenge its classification. We want you to get the best care possible and the financial flexibility you need while recovering from a serious injury.

Further Opportunities for Compensation

While your worker is protected from most liability through the workers’ compensation program, if any third parties were involved in your accident, they might share in liability. Our team can investigate the accident to determine whether you have grounds to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a third party.

Unlike workers’ compensation claims, bringing a lawsuit against another contractor, the manufacturer of faulty equipment, or other liable parties is more involved than filing paperwork. With our attorneys on your side, you can be sure all legal processes will be followed on your behalf.

We Are Here to Help Injured Workers Receive the Benefits They Need

Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured workers as they pursue workers’ compensation claims. The law was written to help people in your situation receive full medical coverage and other benefits. We will help protect your right to receive the settlement you need for your recovery and other financial demands.

Know Your Rights

To help you advocate for yourself, we’ve compiled important legal information that outlines what a worker can expect from workers’ compensation. If you think you should be covered or entitled to better benefits, you can start here to see if your employer is breaking the law.

If you still have questions, we are here to help you. With over 80 years of experience serving clients in both Missouri and Illinois, we’ve handled many complex workers’ compensation cases. Are you looking for support?

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