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Mediation Services

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Mediation Services in St. Louis

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Stephen Meyerkord is a mediator with the experience and expertise to understand the core of any legal dispute and the persistence to help the parties to resolve the dispute and achieve an optimal result prior to trial. Since 1981, Mr. Meyerkord has helped teach more than 100 Continuing Legal Education Courses sponsored by esteemed institutions such as Washington University, St. Louis University, and the Missouri Bar.

With more than 100 years of combined litigation experience in the St. Louis Area, Mr. Meyerkord brings to the mediation table the knowledge needed to strike the balance and plot the course for resolving tough claims. He understands firsthand what each party has at stake if exposed to litigation and he facilitates positive communication to help avoid the deadlocks which often cause a mediation to fail.

With his guidance and determination, Mr. Meyerkord provides the parties with desirable options and optimizes each party's ability to reach a settlement without the time, stress and expense of courtroom litigation. As an added benefit, his services are available at a location selected by the parties and not controlled by a mediation services contract.

Mr. Meyerkord is available to mediate the following types of disputes:

Advantages of Mediation

It would be difficult to exaggerate the benefit of resolving legal disputes through mediation rather than by going to trial. In fact, many courts impose a requirement that the parties attempt to reach a settlement through alternative dispute resolution before holding a trial.

In mediation, the parties involved maintain a much greater degree of control over the final outcome of the case, because the terms of the settlement are up to them, rather than being decided by a judge or jury. The proceedings are non-adversarial, as the parties are attempting to reach fair agreements and are guided and assisted in this by the mediator. The mediator does not represent either person, but instead acts as a neutral third party, working to clarify legal issues and guide discussions toward a speedy resolution.

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