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Contaminated Instruments

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Dangers of Contaminated Instruments in St. Louis

Injuries & Infections Caused by Medical Negligence

When we put our trust and in hospitals and doctors for medical treatment, surgery and other procedures, we expect that our rooms and the rest of the hospital will be sterilized. Protection from an infection or illness that may have spread from another patient requires clean, sanitized equipment to be used by doctors and healthcare practitioners.

Contaminated instruments can lead to infections that can cause serious health problems, including wrongful death. These infections keep us in the hospital for extended periods, send our medical bills sky high, and may rob us of a beloved companion. If you contracted an illness due to a contaminated instrument in the operating room or hospital, a personal injury lawyer can provide you knowledgeable legal counsel and guidance.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities exist for the betterment and maintenance of our health. It therefore, stands to reason that they are populated mostly by the sick and infirmed. Germs, disease, and contamination must be carefully kept in check by proper sterilization. All areas of the hospital should be held to high standards of cleanliness. Some of the illnesses and conditions that can occur due to contamination of medical instruments and equipment include MRSA staph infections, HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, gastrointestinal infection, pneumonia and other serious diseases.

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Proper medical care is something we all expect and deserve. If you have been affected by contaminated conditions in a healthcare facility, it can put your physical and financial health in serious jeopardy. The attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth are equipped with the experience and knowledge to mount a strong case for financial compensation. Our team will provide an intimate level of communication and service and will always put your family's needs first.

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