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Uber / Lyft Accidents

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Uber & Lyft Accident Attorney in St. Louis

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If you or a loved one was injured in an Uber or Lyft accident in St. Louis, Mo, you may be entitled to compensation to pay for your medical treatments, missed wages if you are unable to work, as well as pain and suffering. Meyerkord & Kurth have obtained favorable verdicts for the injured and their loved ones for years. Contact us right away at (800) 391-4318.

Rideshare companies such as Uber or Lyft provide alternative means of transportation in St. Louis, but accidents involving rideshare drivers can be complicated.

Car accidents can involve a range of circumstances and factors that must be thoroughly addressed in any civil claim victims and families pursue against the at-fault party. This is especially true in personal injury cases involving car wrecks where one of the vehicles involved was being used as an Uber or Lyft.

While these rideshare services are now incredibly popular among Americans throughout Missouri and the U.S., they introduce some unique legal issues that can create challenges in victims’ pursuit of financial compensation.

As a law firm that have recovered more than $450 million in compensation for our clients, Meyerkord & Kurth has extensive experience handling personal injury claims involving a range of car accidents – including those involving rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. A St. Louis Uber accident attorney at our firm can understand the legal issues inherent to these wrecks, including issues of insurance coverage, fault and liability, and the rights of injured victims, and we leverage that insight to help our clients pursue the compensation they deserve.

If you wish to discuss a recent Uber or Lyft accident in St. Louis or any of the surrounding communities of Missouri, our firm is available 24/7 to review and discuss your potential case. Contact us to request your FREE consultation. Speak with a St. Louis Uber accident attorney today.

What Are Common Causes of Uber Car Accidents?

Key reasons behind accidents involving Uber and Lyft encompass drivers being distracted by navigation tools or engaging with riders, diverting their attention from driving. Another prevalent issue is excessive speeding, as drivers attempt to maximize their earnings by fitting in more rides in shorter time periods. The exhaustion from working extended hours to achieve certain earnings or bonuses from the rideshare platforms also significantly increases the risk of accidents. Furthermore, a lack of familiarity with specific local traffic laws and road layouts can cause dangerous situations. These elements collectively lead to an uptick in accidents related to rideshare services, highlighting the critical need for drivers to practice safe driving habits and comply with traffic regulations to minimize risks.

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident, do not hesitate to talk to a skilled St. Louis Uber accident attorney.

Uber & Lyft Auto Accidents: How We Help Victims

While many of the same issues that must be addressed in typical auto accident cases are at play in cases involving Uber and Lyft accidents – such as determining the underlying cause, proving negligence, and holding at-fault parties liable for victims’ damages – there are some unique issues that can complicate the personal injury claim process. This is largely due to the unique business structure of rideshare services, which classify their drivers not as employees, but as independent contractors. This makes it important for victims and their attorneys to carefully address matters related to:


The party at fault for causing a preventable auto accident, injuries, and damages (such as medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income) can be held civilly liable (meaning “responsible”) for those damages when victims successfully file personal injury claims against them. While this can be a straightforward matter in some auto accident cases, it can be an issue that requires further investigation and legal work when one of the vehicles involved was an Uber or Lyft. That’s due to the fact that because rideshare drivers are independent contractors, rideshare companies can dispute or deny liability caused by those drivers, under certain circumstances. For example, passenger injured while being transported in an Uber or Lyft can typically hold the rideshare service (and / or the at-fault driver) accountable for their damages. In cases where an Uber or Lyft driver was not working at the time nor using the app, however, victims will need to hold the driver themselves liable for damages. As part of any accident case we handle, our team closely evaluates fault and liability to ensure we pursue compensation from the appropriate party.

Insurance Coverage

Victims of car accidents most commonly recover compensation through the insurance coverage provided by the at-fault party, such as an at-fault driver’s auto insurance. In Uber and Lyft accidents, insurance coverage can vary depending on the individual facts involved. For example, Uber and Lyft insurance policies typically cover passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians harmed by drivers who were transporting a customer at the time of the crash. This commercial policy also covers passengers who were injured in wrecks caused by other motorists, even those who were uninsured or underinsured.

However, if a driver was not transporting a fare but was still using the app (which may occur when they are on their way to pick up a fare or in between fares), insurance coverage may be provided by Uber or Lyft’s contingent insurance policy. In cases where a rideshare driver was not using the app in any way, insurance coverage would be provided by their own personal auto insurance. Assessing issues of insurance coverage and seeking appropriate compensation through the correct party is critical for victims to recover full and fair compensation.

Leveling the Playing Field Between Victims and Corporations

Because we focus exclusively on representing injured victims and families, our firm has accumulated extensive experience fighting insurance companies and corporations that commonly handle personal injury and wrongful death claims filed against their policy holders or employees. These insurers and businesses are corporations, and they care more about their profits than they do people – even people who have suffered preventable harm. In order to level the playing field and fight for the compensation victims are rightfully entitled to under law, our legal team draws from over a century of collective experience, and the resources and determination needed to negotiate fair settlements or litigate successful recoveries through verdicts awarded at trial.

Learn More About Your Rights After an Uber or Lyft Accident

After an auto accident involving an Uber or Lyft – whether as a passenger, another motorist, or a pedestrian – working with proven and experienced attorneys can make the difference in your legal journey and its eventual outcome. Our attorneys have earned a reputation for our ability to effectively handle even the most challenging auto accident cases, and have solidified a record of successful case results that demonstrate how our legal skills and insight can help clients maximize their compensation.

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