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Brain Injuries

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Anything from a car accident to a pressure wave from a concussive blast can injure the brain. Though often caused by hard impacts to the head, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) do not always involve direct contact. Any force that impacts your head can cause your brain to collide with your skull at a high speed. When the internal impact is hard enough, it can cause damage.

Brain injuries have the potential to cause great harm and life-altering consequences for the victim, regardless of their severity. Around 1.5 million Americans survive a TBI each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Others, sadly, do not survive; even those who do may not ever find a cure. Around 1 of every 60 people in America live with a disability caused by a brain injury.

The effects an injury to the brain can have are varied, and may include short- or long-term memory loss, seizures, loss of motor or nerve function, loss of function in certain bodily systems, or coma. The circumstances in which these injuries can be sustained also vary, and may involve car accidents, sporting accidents, slip and falls and construction or other workplace accidents.

When an individual suffers a catastrophic injury to the brain, they may be entitled to monetary compensation from the parties who are responsible. Brain damage can require long-term treatment, extensive rehabilitation, and permanent adjustments to a victim’s home life. If you are in such a situation, you should not have to make these changes on your own.

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Classifying TBIs by Severity

You may have heard that brain injuries can be mild, moderate, or severe. These aren’t subjective categories; doctors make these diagnoses based on certain symptoms patients do (or do not) exhibit directly after the traumatic impact.

  • Mild brain injuries, such as concussions, may not result in loss of consciousness at all. Some patients only display confusion/disorientation. Whichever experience a person has, it lasts for less than 30 minutes.
  • Moderate brain injuries cause loss of consciousness for 30 or more minutes and typically result in noticeable impairment. Patients may be able to overcome the damage with rehabilitation, but some may only partially recover. The disabilities they sustain may impact the rest of their lives in a variety of ways.
  • Severe brain injuries cause victims to succumb to a coma. While those with moderate brain injuries also lose consciousness, they still react to stimuli; coma patients are completely unresponsive. If they do regain consciousness, they are likely to suffer significant cognitive impairment and may need ongoing treatment or personal assistance.

Doctors use the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) to assess a patient’s victim. Because it’s impossible to diagnose the extent of the brain damage when a patient is unconscious, doctors test their eye, verbal, and motor responses. The GCS score they assign a patient can help loved ones and caregivers alike know roughly what to expect by classifying the predicted amount of damage. The GCS runs from 3 (no response in any category) to 15 (best response in every category).

How Can TBIs Be Treated?

Unfortunately, when its cells are destroyed, there is no way for the brain to heal. In milder injuries, brain cells may have their function interrupted by stretching and/or swelling; if not killed, a cell may return to its natural state and resume function. This can account for some recovery brain injury victims experience. In other cases, they are able to re-train their brains to take over some functions the dead cells used to control. However, this is not possible for everyone.

For most brain injury patients, the goal of treatment is to help them regain as much independence as possible. Treatment may include:

  • Medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language therapy
  • Counseling/therapy
  • Learning how to use assistive devices
  • Joining social support groups

A TBI patient needs long-term support for the best outcome. However, often they think they do not have any way to pay for this care. This is exactly why personal injury law was created: To help the victims of preventable accidents cover costs that arose because of someone else’s negligence. A traumatic brain injury can change your whole life—from the job you can work to the way you get around to how you access parts of your own house. The expenses from these things combined, plus the emotional suffering TBI victims often endure, can be immense. A qualified attorney with experience in technical cases can help you pursue a settlement that will truly meet your needs.

Fighting for Brain Trauma Victims

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