Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim

Why You Need a Medical Malpractice Attorney in St. Louis, MO

Early detection and treatment of cancer is of the utmost importance, as delays in diagnosis, the administration of necessary tests, or the administration of treatment can result in the disease spreading throughout the body until it reaches a terminal point where the disease is inoperable or untreatable. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which a doctor fails to diagnose cancer or misdiagnoses the condition, and in these cases, the patient's chances of recovery become very slim.

If your physician has misdiagnosed your cancer, failed to diagnose it, or failed to administer diagnostic tests in a timely fashion, then that physician may be held financially responsible for your medical expenses, pain and suffering and other related damages. With the help of a St. Louis personal injury lawyer from our firm, you can take the necessary legal action to hold a negligent medical professional responsible for his or her failures.

Hold Your Doctor Accountable for Failure to Diagnose

Failing to secure a cancer diagnosis in a timely fashion can have devastating results on you and your family, and it often causes physical, mental, and financial hardships that last for years or even a lifetime. That is why it is important to hire a competent attorney to represent your case. At Meyerkord & Meyerkord, our legal team has many years of experience in assisting individuals in their personal injury cases, and we fight every case with the intention of securing a highly favorable outcome for our clients.

Our legal team has extensive resources at its disposal for pursuing medical malpractice cases, such as expert witnesses who can provide testimony in court, and one of our attorneys has a background working in a malpractice defense law firm. This gives us an edge in representing our clients' claims, as we know where to look for weaknesses in the defense and can use this information to your advantage. Contact us now for a free consultation to review your legal options and take the first steps in your case.