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Man injured after iPhone exploded in his pocket

The next time you slide your smartphone into your pocket, you may want to think again. Furthermore, New Yorker, Eric Johnson claims he sufferedextreme burns to his leg after his iPhone exploded in his pocket. Johnson was on his way to a wake on February 14th, and as he bent over to pick up his keys, he heard a pop in his pocket. Suddenly, Johnson heard a sizzling noise, and a burning feeling so extreme in his pocket he began trying to rip off his pants to find out the cause.

Likewise, the burn was so severe, the phone started to melt Johnson's pocket shut which made it even harder to get off his skin. After the accident, Johnson's brother drove him to a nearby hospital, and he was then transported to a burn center where he spent the next 10 days for treatment. Johnson's injury has left a massive burn the size of a football on his leg resulting in second and third degree burns. Calls to Apple from Johnson's attorney have not been returned.

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