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What are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents In Missouri?

Distracted Driver

Car accidents are common all over the nation. In the state of Missouri, there are some very specific causes that tend to be more common than others. Understanding the different circumstances responsible for causing car accidents is important in protecting yourself whenever you get behind the wheel.

Drinking and Driving

It’s a very unfortunate situation but drinking and driving is one of the leading causes of accidents because of alcohol’s ability to impair the driver and his or her senses. This is a preventable action that led to almost 6,000 total crashes in Missouri in 2014.

Truck Accidents

While the direct cause varies, these are some of the most common types of accidents in Missouri, resulting in over 12,000 collisions in 2014 involving the large commercial vehicles. These accidents may involve distracted driving, drunk driving, and fatigued driving.

Inexperienced Drivers

In 2014, there were over 32,000 total crashes involving drivers under the age of 25. This often means that those are less experienced on the road and are more prone to making some of the dangerous mistakes that often leads to crashes, such as distracted driving.

Distracted Driving

Far too often, drivers fail to remain aware of their surroundings. They look down at their phones, turn to talk to passengers, and more. Even the smallest distraction can cause them to take their eyes off the road long enough to cause a serious collision.

Reckless Driving

Speeding, disobeying traffic laws, and ignoring traffic signs are all forms of reckless driving. Not only are these actions illegal, but they can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles or collide with others at intersections. This is the cause of several accidents each year in Missouri.

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