Should I Report the Accident Quickly?

Auto Accident

When it comes to car accidents, there are a lot of things that people are not aware of and it could be damaging to their pursuit of compensation. One of the important steps after a car accident we detailed was reporting the accident to the proper authorities.

Unfortunately, reporting the car accident to the insurance company in a timely manner is not something that everyone takes seriously. Perhaps they feel they can handle matters outside of the insurance company, or they feel the accident was minor enough to not file a claim.

These misconceptions can be more harmful than helpful, and it’s important to recognize why a car accident should be reported quickly to begin filing the claim. Before you do leave the scene of the accident, make sure you contact your insurance company. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • You can explain your side of the story quickly: Calling your insurance company right away gives you the opportunity to provide them with pertinent information while it’s still fresh on your mind. You can avoid forgetting important details and keep them abreast on the situation.
  • You can provide them with witness information: Witnesses in a car accident can work both ways. The quicker you get information to your insurance company, the faster they can reach out for a statement. Hesitation may hurt you if the other party is compiling their own witnesses.
  • You can start your claim quickly: After an accident, you want to get through the difficult matters quickly. Reporting the accident in a timely manner puts a rush on the process so you can file the claim and seek compensation quickly.

Remember, car accident claims often require you to protect your rights as the defendant’s party may look to turn liability on you and paint you as the at-fault driver. To protect yourself in these matters, it’s best to have representation from experienced St. Louis car accident attorneys at all times.

With Meyerkord & Kurth, you can feel peace of mind at all times as we help you navigate the complex legal system. Whether through settlement or verdict, our goal is to help you secure the compensation you need to cover damages and losses associated with the accident.

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