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Winter Weather Driving Tips


The greater St. Louis area is going to be experiencing winter weather in the next couple of days and Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, want to remind everyone that car accidents can happen even with minimal weather conditions. It is estimated that over 116,000 Americans are injured in weather related crashes each year. Here are some friendly reminders for those that might be travelling this winter season.

· Gas tanks should be kept half full to prevent lines from freezing.

· Do not use cruise control during any inclement weather such as rain, ice or snow.

· Always use your seat belt each time you get in the vehicle.

· Watch weather reports before travelling long-distance.

· Check tire pressure before leaving.

· Pack an emergency bag that includes blankets, bottled water, batteries, non-perishable food items, gloves and hats.

· If you are stranded do not leave your vehicle. This can result in getting lost from your vehicle and possibly your only source of shelter.

· Drive slow and take your time. Expect delays if the roads are slick or snow covered.

· Do not drive if you are tired!

· Stay home! If you have no real reason to be out then stay indoors.

People often rely on their own driving skills and you may be a good driver but that doesn’t mean you can avoid a weather fender bender. Take extra precautions if you are travelling in bad weather conditions and always stay alert to other drivers as well. If you are involved in weather related crash please contact our downtown St. Louis office. We offer free initial consultations to discuss any injuries you may have sustained during an accident and will help determine if you have grounds for legal action. Call us today to schedule your no-obligation appointment.

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