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Tuna Recalled for Deadly Contamination


On Wednesday, Bumble Bee Foods, LLC has issued a recall for thousands of cases of tuna. While the recall is voluntary, it is due to a contamination that could be deadly. The products recalled were produced last month and were spoiled during the sterilization process. The spoiled tuna may be contaminated with pathogens and organisms that can lead to life-threatening illnesses. Over 30,000 cases of tuna are included in the recall and contain several Best By Dates that occur in February of 2019. The cans of tuna are also marked with a product code that begins with the letter T. Fortunately, the tuna has not yet been linked to any illnesses or death. Any individual in possession of the tuna should discard it immediately and contact Bumble Bee for a reimbursement.

There are nearly six million companies operating in the United States, and while not all of them produce consumer goods, there are obviously millions of companies that do. The number of product recalls issued every year is alarming. Media outlets report of a new recall nearly every week, and they are often after an illness, injury, or death has been caused by the dangerous or defective item. Product liability laws hold manufacturers responsible for producing goods that are safe and will not cause harm to consumers. Unfortunately, many companies prioritize their profits over producing a quality and safe product, often resulting in an injury, illness, property damage, or death.

If you have suffered damages due to a defective or dangerous product, contacting the product liability attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth is imperative. Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys will fight to hold any negligent company responsible for the damages they have caused. We will take all necessary action to obtain the maximum compensation while supporting you during the process. Contact our office today to receive a free no-obligation consultation.

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