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Disney Alligator Kills Toddler


A toddler was enjoying a family vacation with his parents at Walt Disney World when the unthinkable occurred, and he was killed by an alligator. The incident occurred Tuesday night at the Grand Floridian Resort. The child and his family were participating in an outdoor movie viewing on the beach when the boy was wading in water in the Seven Seas Lagoon. A gator attacked the boy in the water, clamping its jaws down on him. The boy’s father and mother jumped into the water in an attempt to save their son but were unsuccessful. The alligator pulled the child under the water, and his body was discovered the following day. Drowning is likely the cause of death. There are many “No Swimming” signs posted in the area, but many vacationers are not satisfied that they were not informed that alligators could be lurking just a few feet from where they were sitting.

Accidents that occur on property owned by a company or individual may be subject to premises liability laws. Premises liability accidents often happen as slip and falls, drownings, dog bites, and even food poisoning. The damages can range from minor illnesses, injuries to death. The laws are clear that the owner or manager of the property is responsible for maintaining the premises to ensure the safety of anyone that visits the area.

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