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Neglect Conviction After Nursing Home Resident Suffers 100 Ant Bites


Three Alabama nursing home employees have been convicted of neglect after an 84-year-old resident suffered from 100 ant bites. The Attorney General announced that three nurses, one licensed practical nurse and two certified nursing assistants, were in charge of the victim during the time frame of the bites. The victim was confined to the bed for care and the employees recorded on their charts that had entered the room several times during their shifts. However, surveillance footage shows that no one entered the room to check on the victim in over 11 hours. All three employees are prohibited from being employed by a healthcare facility and the LPN was required to give up her nursing license.

Nursing home neglect and elder abuse are two very serious situations. Thousands of elderly residents are abused or neglected each year and most are not able to speak up for themselves. Neglect can come in many forms such as personal hygiene being looked over, malnutrition, physical abuse, mental abuse and even monetary scamming. When we put a loved one in a long term care facility we want to ensure that they get the best care. However, we are not able to be present 24 hours a day to monitor them. Families are urged to look for any signs of abuse or neglect by paying close attention to any missed medications, meals, doctor appointments, etc. and report anything you find suspicious. If your loved one is a victim of neglect or abuse contact an attorney who specializes in nursing home neglect. A seasoned attorney will outline the steps needed to pursue action against the negligent party. Nursing home neglect or abuse is a serious problem and needs to be addressed immediately for the welfare of the victim.

The St. Louis based firm of Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC has a proven track record of helping victims of nursing home neglect. We understand that these situations are not only stressful for the victim but their family as well. We investigate all aspects of the case and work diligently to pursue fair compensation for our client. Our office offers free initial consultations to discuss any questions about your legal needs. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation and let us help you and your loved ones!

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