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Ski Lift Accident Caused by Mechanical Failure


The state report has been completed and released for a ski lift accident that happened last March in Maine. The accident happened at the Sugarloaf ski facility when 200 individuals were riding on the ski lift when the chairlift began to reverse. Most of the riders jumped from the lift and seven skiers suffered serious injuries. Officials are urging all ski lift owners and operators to educate themselves on their systems and whether upgrades or updates are available. This accident is the second ski lift accident to happen at Sugarloaf in the past five years. Sugarloaf is now moving forward with a $1.5 million renovation to improve their facility, as well as the ski lift. The report concludes that Sugarloaf is responsible for the accident due to a lack of maintenance on the ski lift.

Injuries, illnesses, property damages, and death that are sustained on private property, hotels, restaurants, and other premises may be subject to premises liability laws. Slip and fall accidents, drownings, dog bites, and food poisoning are a few examples of injuries that can occur due to the negligence of a property owner. Owners that neglect to maintain their facilities can create a hazardous environment where an injury can occur; such as, failure to remove snow, ice, or liquids could cause a slip and a fall accident. If you have been injured on a property owned by another person or entity, it is important to discuss your accident with a St. Louis premises liability attorneys.

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