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Missouri family survives plane crash


It's not often someone can be involved in a plane crash and walk away, but that's exactly what happened to three people Wednesday in Osage Beach, Missouri. Furthermore, three family members were on board a single–engine 1976 Beechcraft B-19 when it crashed into the Lake of the Ozarks. All people on board were related, and the family members were on their way home to St. Louis when the plane went down.

On board the plane at the time of the crash were the following passengers: 45-year-old, Gary Sulin, 73-year-old, Mary Sulin, and 9-year-old, Sailor. Ironically, Mary had always been afraid of flying, and had not done so in many years. Likewise, miraculously the only one was injured in the plane crash; Mary, which suffered a broken collarbone and ribs. After the crash, the family was found stranded on the shore, and rescued by responders and transported to a hospital. All were listed in stable condition. The FDA is currently investigating the cause for the crash.

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