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Teen Sues for $11 Million Over Dog Bite


Talk about an expensive bite! One Brooklyn, New York teen is suing a couple for $11 million dollars over an alleged mauling by their dog. The owner’s of the dog that bit Fortunato Tinalli have now been sued following the dog bite attack. The dog in question of the vicious attack is named Diesel, and is a 150-pound Mastiff that allegedly clamped his mouth around Tinalli’s foot, thus breaking it.

The dog bite attack happened December 4, 2012 when, Tinalli was making his way down Avenue U and Diesel broke off his leash that tied him up outside of a store. After Diesel broke off his leash, he lunged at Tinalli and then bit his foot. Following the attack, Tinalli needed surgery, and still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Diesel the dog does have a history of vicious and violent tendencies, yet the owners; Malvina Godish and Kirill Kogos say he is never mean towards people.

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