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Thanksgiving Car Accident Kills One


A tragic car accident occurred on Thanksgiving in Florissant, Missouri. Just before 9:00 on Thursday night, a car that was not functioning properly was stopped on the road. The car was then struck by a vehicle being operated by Daniel Meade. Meade collided into the back of the stopped car. The impact of the collision injured passengers of both parties. The most serious of injuries were suffered by a six-year-old little girl who was a passenger of the stopped car. The child was taken to the hospital for care. Tragically, she passed away the following evening. Meade, age 31, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Assault 2nd.

When a driver operates a vehicle while intoxicated, not only are they putting their own life at risk, but they are also putting the lives of those around them in danger. A person is injured in a vehicle accident related to drunk driving every two minutes. To ensure the safety of those around you, be sure to never operate a vehicle while under the influence. Despite common belief, only time can make a person sober- no drink, food, or any other method can be used to achieve this outcome.

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