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Mo Auto Accidents Increased Thanksgiving Weekend


The Missouri State Highway Patrol released information regarding the number of auto accidents that occurred over Thanksgiving weekend. The extended holiday weekend is often a time when there is an increase in auto accidents compared to the other times of the year. However, this year there was a dramatic increase in accidents compared to Thanksgiving 2014. Last year there were 319 traffic accidents over Thanksgiving weekend, and this year 550 accidents occurred. Missouri roadways were also the location of nine auto accident fatalities this past weekend, and compared to last year, there was a 40 percent increase in individuals suffering injuries in auto accidents. The Patrol does not have an explanation for the increase, but they did arrest 99 drivers for operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

Many experts believe increases in the frequency of auto accidents are related to an increase in population. The more vehicles on the roadways, the more auto accidents that occur. However, others may argue that the increase is due to more drivers becoming distracted. Technological advances have made everyday tasks easier, such as communicating with others and navigating unknown routes. Cell phones and GPS devices can also distract a driver from operating their vehicle responsibly. Regardless of the circumstances, all individuals injured in a car accident should seek the advice of an experienced auto accident lawyer.

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