Work-Related Injuries

Injured on the job?

After you have been hurt in a workplace accident, you should come to Meyerkord & Meyerkord for help right away. Our team of attorneys has more than 100 years of combined legal experience, and we have a proven track record of success in helping our clients claim fair compensation for their injuries. In fact, we have helped accident victims and their families recover more than $350 million in insurance settlements and jury verdicts. If you want compassionate support and knowledgeable legal guidance throughout the workers' compensation claims process, let us put our skill and experience to work for you!

A work-related injury can change your life forever, as it will often result in a partial or total disability, which makes it difficult - or impossible - to return to work. You could be facing a future of being unable to support your family, let alone being able to take part in your favorite activities and enjoy all that life has to offer. To make matters worse, you may also be facing large medical bills for emergency treatment and hospitalization, as well as wondering how you can possibly afford to pay for the rehabilitative care you need to achieve a full recovery. Fortunately, you have options for claiming compensation for your injury. You are most likely entitled to claim benefits through workers' compensation and could even have grounds to file personal injury claim for monetary damages.

Workplace Injury Statistics

According to a report released by the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, sprains and strains were the most common type of workplace injury in 2010, accounting for 36.2% of all injuries on the job. The next most common types were bone fractures (13%), bruises (9.5%), soreness (7.8%), and thermal burns (2.6%). The torso was the most commonly injured body part, followed by the arms and hands, the legs and feet, and the head and brain. Whether you have suffered a bone break, a crushed or amputated limb, or a spinal cord injury, you can find the help you deserve at our firm.