Hit & Run Cases

Holding the Driver Accountable for Leaving the Scene

If you have been involved in an auto collision in which the other driver has fled the scene without providing their contact information, then that accident is classified as a hit and run. St. Louis drivers are required by state law to remain at the scene of an accident to exchange information with the other driver and render any aid that may be necessary. Failure to do so is punishable as a crime. Common examples of hit & run accidents where the driver flees the scene include:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Bicycle accidents where the bicyclist is directly struck by a vehicle
  • Bicycle accidents where the bicyclist is forced into an accident by the driving maneuvers of a motorist
  • Drunk driving accidents where the driver flees the scene in order to avoid an arrest for DWI
  • Accidents involving being run off the road, even if there is no contact
  • Pedestrian accidents

In the aftermath of a hit & run accident, you can file a claim for damages with the driver's insurance company provided that the driver is identified, such as in a police report, but this can often be a tricky proposition. Insurance companies will often try to deny claims, delay payment or offer a much lower settlement than the claimant's injuries call for. That is why it is important to contact a personal injury attorney if you have been injured in a hit and run accident, as we can provide the experience and skill necessary to negotiate with the insurance company, and can even take the case to court if necessary to secure the amount you deserve.

Legal Help for Your Accident Claim

Though the person responsible for your hit and run accident may be unreachable, you still have a chance of obtaining compensation for the injuries you have sustained. Meyerkord & Meyerkord has handled countless personal injury cases, and our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience. We can investigate the accident for evidence of who is at fault, and will work diligently to help you hold the driver accountable for causing your injuries.