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Pedestrian Accidents

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Many people choose to walk as their chosen mode of transportation, especially in city and metropolitan areas where destinations are close by. Due to the large amount of pedestrians that occupy crosswalks, sidewalks, and other areas every day, it is extremely important for motorists to aware of pedestrians at all times.

Because motor vehicles are much larger than persons, pedestrian accidents have the ability to produce detrimental injuries and in some cases, death. In fact, an estimated 60,000 Americans are injured in pedestrian accidents every year, and an additional 5,000 are killed.

If you were a pedestrian harmed in a car accident, putting the right team on your side, can help you recover compensation for medical expenses, emotional stresses, lost wages, and more. At Meyerkord & Kurth, our St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyers work hard to earn their clients the representation they deserve. We don’t settle for average but seek maximum compensation every time.

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Understanding Pedestrian Accident Risks in St. Louis

Most pedestrian accidents are completely avoidable. However, there are many motorists who do not consider safety of those not riding in passenger vehicles, leaving pedestrians in extreme danger in busy areas.

With this being said, many pedestrian accidents occur when:

  • Motorists enter crosswalks without checking for pedestrians
  • Motorists pass through intersections without looking for pedestrians that may be crossing
  • Motorists turn corners without considering pedestrians that may just be walking off the sidewalk
  • Motorists who fail to yield to pedestrians in parking lots or other pedestrian-frequented areas

Although pedestrians have the right of way in many areas, many motorists participate in other activities which may distract their eyes from the road, leaving your safety in jeopardy when walking about the town. it is important to seek personal injury representation immediately to ensure your rights and your safety are protected.

Right of Way Laws and Your Pedestrian Accident Case in Missouri

Missouri law specifically states that a pedestrian only has the right of way when crossing a road way in a crosswalk. If you were injured by a motorist who failed to yield while you were in a crosswalk, then liability for the accident should rest on them. If you were crossing a roadway outside of a crosswalk and failed to yield to oncoming traffic, then it may be proven that you share fault for the accident, and Missouri's comparative fault policy would come into play.

Every pedestrian accident is different and needs to be thoroughly investigated before fault can be established. Contact Meyerkord & Kurth today to speak to our experienced pedestrian accident lawyers in St. Louis about your claim.

Missouri's Comparative Fault Rule in Pedestrian Injury Claims

As a comparative fault state, Missouri allows the victim of a pedestrian accident to still recover compensation even if they shared fault for the accident that injured them, for example, if a pedestrian crossed a busy roadway in the middle of the street and not in a crosswalk.

Comparative fault only applies to cases that end up going to trial. If the jury awards compensation to the injured plaintiff, and they were found to share fault, then the jury will determine what percentage of fault they are responsible for. If that percentage is less than 50%, then the jury will subtract that percentage from the initial amount awarded. For example, if the jury awards $100,000 to the plaintiff but finds them to be 30% at fault, then the final recovery amount will be $70,000. However, if the case goes to trial and the jury finds the plaintiff to be 50% or more at fault, then they will not be eligible to receive any compensation.

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