Man Sues Birth Hospital For His Circumcision

A New York man is suing the hospital where he was born for removing his foreskin. The man claims the circumcision has deprived him of a natural and normal sexual experience. His mother claims she was under the influence of painkillers when she signed a circumcision consent, just hours after a Caesarian. The man says if it were the choice of his own, he would have kept his foreskin. Performing circumcisions on male babies has been a standard practice in hospitals and was recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for years. Now the AAP recognizes the decision to remove the foreskin should not be a recommendation, rather an education choice made by the parents. The man’s case was filed last December of 2015. The hospital motioned to dismiss, claiming it is well beyond the 10-year statute of limitations for medical malpractice lawsuits. The response of the plaintiff claims that the 10 years didn't start until the man turned 18-year-old and he is well in the proper time frame for the state of New York. The case is not the first of its kind but it could still be several months before a verdict is reached.

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