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Missouri Has Weak Laws For Uninsured Motorist


Over the last two years, almost 70,000 motorists in Missouri were convicted of driving without insurance. According to a report by the Consumer Federation of America, at least 14 states order jail time for driving without insurance, even with a first offense. But even though the crime of driving without insurance is a misdemeanor, Missouri does not use jail time as a punishment. Rather, Missouri uses a four-point driving record violation and not an automatic license suspension. Many say Missouri’s laws are too weak, and the state should strengthen their actions against an uninsured motorist by revoking a driver's licenses if they are caught driving without insurance. Of course, there are advocates for keeping the law as it is, saying it is unfair to force drivers to pay for insurance they cannot afford. A spokesperson with Empower Missouri says putting someone in jail for not having auto insurance is criminalizing poverty. However, the victims involved in auto accidents that are left with the financial burden say a weekend in jail might just be fair.

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