Child Injured by Michigan Dog Bite Accident

In Detroit, Michigan one man has been arrested following a dog bite attack on a 2-year-old. Furthermore, the dog bite accident occurred when the little boy wandered into a garage where the animal was contained. As a result, the dog bite the young boy on his stomach, hand, and face. Likewise, the breed of the dog was a pit bull mix.

According to police, the boy is now in stable condition. Karar Alabooduy, the owner of the dog says the bite attack is not its fault. Alabooduy said the dog was chained up and the attack is the fault of the parent’s because they let the child wander over to the garage unsupervised.

After a further investigation, police learned that prior to the dog bite attack, Alabooduy and his friends were sitting in a car across the street from his house. After the dog bit the child, Alabooduy and his friends were then assaulted by the boy’s family. One man was taken into custody and according to witnesses it was the father of the boy.

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