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Wrong-Way Driver Causes Car Crash


A car accident occurred Tuesday in New York. The driver, Miguel Espinal, was a criminal who was asked by his brother to give college student Akeem Mark Smith a ride to the mechanic. The car accident occurred when Espinal was trying to get away from the police. He drove the wrong way down a highway in Westchester. After crashing his car, Espinal escaped from the scene and tried to get a gun from a police officer. As a result, he was shot, causing him to pass away. On the other hand, Smith surrendered and was released when police determined that he was not involved in criminal activity and was an innocent victim among the mess of the situation.

Road crashes are both extremely dangerous and very common. Vehicle accidents of varying degrees take place across the world everyday. Varying from minor collisions to fatal, tragic accidents, road crashes are not good and are often times preventable. To prevent yourself from being involved in a road crash, drive both safely and defensively. Driving defensively is defined as the act of driving in a cautious manner that prevents yourself from being involved with conditions and collisions that could be caused by other drivers, road conditions, etc.

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