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Product Recalls

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Product Recalls

Companies that manufacture and sell products - such as household appliances, children's toys, automobiles, or tools - have a responsibility to ensure that their products are free from defects that could potentially cause harm to the user.

Nearly any product can cause injury when used incorrectly, but if the product has inherent design flaws or manufacturing defects that make it unsafe to use even under normal conditions, then the manufacturer can be held legally accountable by victims who file a product liability lawsuit. When manufacturers recognize that they are at risk of being hit with multiple lawsuits over product injuries, they will frequently make the decision to issue a widespread recall of the product.

A product recall can be enormously costly to a manufacturer, as it involves issuing broad announcements to alert consumers as well as refunds or replacements of the product in question. Even worse, a recall will frequently take a heavy toll on the company's reputation, as the general public will typically form a negative opinion of a company that has brought unsafe products to market.

Even with these costs, companies will often choose to move forward with a recall based on calculations that they stand to lose far less in such a course of action than in paying out on a number of personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

Proven Product Liability Representation

Product recalls frequently receive attention in the media, with news reports of unsafe toys, SUV rollovers, and tainted food products on television and in newspapers. Realize that such recalls are often put into motion when an individual who has been injured by a dangerous product decides to take legal action to recover financial compensation.

An attorney from Meyerkord & Kurth is ready to meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your injury and to determine whether you have grounds to sue the manufacturer. Our firm has extensive experience with product liability lawsuits, and we have substantial resources at our disposal both for individual claims and class action cases.

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