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Risperdal Lawsuit Attorney

Now Helping Men Who Took Risperdal and Developed Male Breasts

There is a growing concern in the healthcare industry over Risperdal and its potentially dangerous side effects. Risperdal is a medication that was originally approved for the treatment of psychosis and related conditions like schizophrenia. Risperdal was first approved in 1993, but wasn't approved to treat bipolar disorder until 2003. In 2005, the FDA added a black box warning to Risperdal, discouraging use in elderly patients to treat dementia.

The first Risperdal lawsuit was filed in 2010. Many more have joined and filed lawsuits since then. If you are a man who took Risperdal developed male breasts, you may be entitled to compensation.

Risperdal and Gynecomastia in Men

One of the more serious side effects Risperdal can have is gynecomastia, that is, male breast growth and lactation. Risperdal can increase the body’s prolactin levels, which can result in abnormal breast growth in males. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Risperdal, over claims that the manufacturer failed to investigate the risk of developing male breasts before allowing it on the market. Consumers who experienced gynecomastia have suffered tremendous emotional, physical, and even financial harm.

Other Risperdal Side Effects

The FDA as well as many medical professionals are of the belief that Risperdal is linked to conditions like agranulocytosis, neutropenia, and leukopenia. All three of these conditions involve the body's white blood cells, and the serious side effects that result from a low cell count.

In addition to gynecomastia and serious side effects involving low white blood cell counts, Risperdal has been linked to:

  • Anger, agitation, and aggressive thoughts
  • Difficulty seeing clearly
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Skin rashes
  • Muscle spasms

Are You a Man Who Took Risperdal and Developed Gynecomastia? Call Us Today!

If you or a loved one took Risperdal and developed male breasts (gynecomastia), you may have a claim against Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

To learn more about Risperdal lawsuits and if you qualify, contact Meyerkord & Kurth online or call us.

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