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Train Derailment Caused by Broken Rail


Federal investigators have determined that the cause of a train derailment was a broken rail. The accident occurred last February in West Virginia when a CSX train transporting 3 million gallons of crude oil derailed. The train had 109 cars, and 27 of them derailed resulting in an intense fire. Houses nearby sustained damage, and one homeowner suffered injuries from inhalation. The Federal Railroad Administration completed their investigation and announced Friday that the accident was preventable. The derailment was caused by a previously cracked rail that had expanded and broke. The crack was not discovered during routine inspections prior to the accident. According to the FRA safety chief, the weight of the trains passing over the rail lead to the break. CSX and the contractor assigned to monitor the railway have each been fined $25,000. Over 200 Fayette County residents filed a lawsuit against CSX for the damage sustained and also because two water treatment plants were temporarily closed to converse water after the accident. The lawsuit was filed in September and is pending.

Similar to auto accidents, train accidents are caused by several factors. Unfortunately, most railroad accidents are caused by a form of negligence and are preventable. The negligence of the conductor, controllers, and the railroad can lead to serious and deadly accidents. The results of railroad accidents are typically severe, and those responsible should be held accountable. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a train accident, it is imperative to contact a St. Louis railroad accident attorney.

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