Pedestrian Accident in Parking Lot Results in Fatality

A 70-year-old woman was killed in a pedestrian accident on Tuesday evening in the parking lot of a Giant Eagle store. The accident occurred in Monroeville, Pennsylvania at around 4:15 p.m. According to police, the woman was pushing her cart in the parking lot when she was struck by an SUV. She was lodged beneath the vehicle and witnesses pulled her out and attempted CPR. The woman never regained consciousness and was transported to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead. The driver of the SUV was also a female in her 70s, and she remained at the scene of the accident cooperating with authorities. The police are continuing their investigation.

Pedestrian accidents claim the lives of thousands of individuals every year, and most of these fatalities are preventable. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,735 pedestrians were killed in accidents involving motor vehicles in 2013. Any individual that chooses to travel on foot or bicycle are encouraged to follow all safety precautions such as wearing reflective clothing, utilizing sidewalks and crosswalks when available, and being alert and attentive at all times. However, the safest pedestrian can be injured due to the negligence of drivers.

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