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City Planning Can Prevent Pedestrian Accidents


Engineers are coming forward to encourage proper planning to reduce pedestrian accidents. Richard Retting, a U.S. transportation engineer, released a report indicating that city and transportation planning can prevent pedestrian accidents and that it is common sense. After a November 4th pedestrian accident in Vancouver, Retting stepped up claiming that engineers and city officials need to be proactive in preventing these accidents by installing traffic lights, speed cameras, street lights and making roadways more narrow. Last week's accident resulted in the ninth pedestrian fatality in Vancouver this year. Distracted driving and speeding are the leading causes of pedestrian accidents, and if cities take a proactive approach to lowering speed limits and increasing lighting in areas where there are more pedestrians, accidents will decline. Cell phones are believed to be a cause for the increase in pedestrian accidents, but Retting claims before cell phones people were distracted by maps or other items. Retting also believes that aggressive and consistent law enforcement to reduce speeding will also prevent pedestrian accidents.

Millions of individuals choose to walk or bicycle as a form of exercise or a way to travel. Unfortunately, thousands of pedestrian accidents occur each year resulting in injuries and deaths. The majority of pedestrian accidents are caused by the negligent actions of motorists. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, you may have grounds to file a personal injury case.

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