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Young girl suffers broken shoulder after being struck by vehicle


In Glendale, Missouri, a young girl is recovering from a shoulder injury after being struck by a car. In addition, a car at the 700 block of Sappington Road hit the 10-year-old girl Thursday afternoon. The accident happened when the girl was playing with some children in the front yard of a home across the street from the Glendale Elementary School.

After a ball the children were playing with rolled into the street, the young girl went after it. Although the girl did see the car coming, she could not stop in time, and fell into the road. Tragically a vehicle hit and ran over the little girl, breaking her shoulder. After the accident, the driver of the vehicle did stop and cooperate with police. According to Glendale police, although it is an unfortunate event, it is a miracle the little girl will survive in what could've turned out to be a fatal accident. To learn more about this developing story, please click here.

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