On Trial: Wrongful death suit of highway worker

A wrongful death suit that was filed by the family of a killed highway worker is going to trial, and jury selections have begun. In May 2012, four highway workers were struck on Highway 64 in Illinois as they were working in the median. Kory Links, Adam Evans, Dennis Beard, and Brian Moore were repairing a sign so road striping could begin on the highway when the crash happened.

Although the vehicle struck all of the men, Beard was killed. 37-year-old, Michael Jeter of West Frankfort, Illinois, hit the men. Furthermore, witnesses to the crash reported that Jeter was driving erratically at high speeds before he hit the workers. After the crash, several prescription bottles were found inside Jeter’s car, including four of seven prescribed Ambien pills.

Jeter worked at a nearby coal mine and had just clocked out for the night before the crash occurred. In addition, Jeter said he took an Ambien pill at 2a.m., and that morning was on his way to a doctor’s appointment in St. Louis just before the crash. Outside of Beard’s death, Moore had broken bones, and Evans suffered face, chest, and leg injuries; both men have also filed suit against Jeter as well.

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