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2 men injured in STL building collapse


Friday in St. Louis, MO, two demolition workers were injured when the building they were working on collapsed. The two unidentified men were dismantling part of a building, and in the process of stacking good bricks to keep and sell down south when a chunk of the building crumbled. As a result, the two men fell nearly 30 feet from the third floor to the basement.

After they had landed, the other workers on site were afraid of what they might find after the horrific fall. After the other workers had cleared the debris and rubble, both men surfaced alive, yet very “banged up” according to witnesses. When paramedics arrived, the men were alert and talked, and transported to a nearby hospital. Their conditions have been listed as stable. The foreman on the site said the men’s job was routine and was unsure how the workplace accident even happened. Unfortunately, the only explanation was due to bad luck and bad timing.

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