Bill Pending Approval for Nursing Home Monitoring

Lawmakers in Illinois are proposing a bill that will allow video and audio recording devices to be installed in nursing homes. The General Assembly has already approved the legislation that is now pending approval from Governor Bruce Rauner. Attorney Lisa Madigan is in favor of the bill and believes it will instill confidence in families that place their loved ones in the care of nursing home facilities. The law will require the residents to consent to any recordings prior to the installation of any devices. Those opposed to the bill question whether residents have the mental capacity to approve the installation of the devices.

Nursing home abuse and neglect has been reported by nearly half of residents of nursing home facilities. Lack of training, underpaid workers, and overworked employees all contribute to the epidemic of nursing home abuse and neglect. It’s a difficult task to place a loved one in a nursing home facility and families want to feel confident that their loved one is being provided with the highest level of care. Every family’s nightmare is to have their loved one’s health and safety compromised.

If you suspect that the nursing home facility you trusted to care for your loved one is guilty of abuse or neglect, contacting an experienced St. Louis nursing home abuse attorney is imperative. The personal injury attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth have over a century of combined experience and make family values a priority. Contact us to receive a free no-obligation consultation today.

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