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NFL Stadium Roofing Co. Has History of Violations

NFL Stadium Roofing Co. Has History of Violations

A fatal workplace accident occurred yesterday at the construction site for the Minnesota Vikings Stadium and upon investigating, the roofing company has had several safety violations in the past few years. On Wednesday, an employee from Berwald Roofing Co. fell from the roof to his death and another worker was seriously injured in Minneapolis. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is investigating the accident and documents revealed that over the past five years Berwald Roofing Co. has received nine citations for safety violations. Several of the violations involved lack of safety harnesses. It is unknown if the deceased worker was utilizing a safety harness, but the owner of the roofing company stated that they cannot control if their employees choose not to use their harnesses. The U.S. Bank Stadium is scheduled to be completed next fall, and Berwald Roofing Co. has been hired for $3.4 million. OSHA is continuing with their investigation.

Workplace accidents happen thousands of times each year in the United States and can have serious and life-altering effects. In Missouri, workers’ compensation insurance is required for companies that employ five or more workers. Workers’ compensation benefits include providing medical treatment for injuries and reimbursement of lost wages. Unfortunately, the wages are replaced at a rate of 66.6% leaving workers struggling financially. To recover the maximum amount of financial compensation, it is necessary to consult a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney.

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