Woman struck by train trying to save opossum

Avid animal rescuer, 58-year-old-Sandie Konopelski was killed Friday morning after a MetroLink train struck her. At first police were baffled by how Konopelski ended up on the tracks, and why she did not hear the warning that a train was headed her way. No signs pointed to foul play or suicide, and everyone was shocked by her untimely death.

Later it was found that Konopelski was responding to a call about an opossum stuck on the train tracks and was in the process of rescuing it when she was hit. Furthermore, Konopelski was a known and devoted animal rescue volunteer and was even a licensed wildlife rehabilitator by the IDNR. Although Metro frequently called Konopelski's nonprofit to assist in removing animals from the tracks, it is unknown whether or not the company made the call for the removal Friday morning. An investigation is ongoing at this time.

Sadly the accident happened shortly after Konopelski received a call to remove an animal from the tracks. Likewise, police received a call that a pedestrian was struck on the tracks between the Swansea and Belleville stations about a half an hour later.

The MetroLink riders that morning were briefly diverted to other stations while the accident scene was cleared. The riders were then shuttled to a nearby bus and taken to their destinations. Understandably the driver of the MetroLink train was very shaken up following the tragic accident. To learn more about this developing story, please click here.

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