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Michael Brown's family to sue the city of Ferguson for wrongful death


The Brown family is still seeking justice in the fatal shooting that killed their son, Michael. Currently, the Brown family is planning to file a civil lawsuit against the city of Ferguson in connection with the shooting of unarmed Michael. Attorneys for the Brown's state that this will be a wrongful death lawsuit, and will also name Officer Darren Wilson, who is the person that fatally shot Michael.

A St. Louis grand jury and the U.S. Justice Department did not prosecute Wilson after the shooting of Michael Brown. Soon after the ruling, the Justice Department released reports of racial bias and profiling within the Ferguson Police Department, as well as a profit driven court system that targets its black residents. Wilson resigned in November followed by several city officials, the city manager, police chief, and municipal judge. A court clerk was fired for racial email as well.

The aftermath following the shooting of Michael Brown did not go away overnight. In fact, it erupted a national outcry of racial injustice that reached throughout the U.S. and across all communities. Brown was unarmed as Officer Wilson shot him, and body lay in the St. Louis street for hours after his killing. Wilson initially confronted Brown following a robbery at a nearby convenient store. To learn more about this, please click here.

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