Staying Safe in the Deadly Winter Storm

Over the last week, Missouri has been racked with one of the worst winter snowstorms it has seen in 5 years. Missouri isn’t alone, either: Over 65 million people living anywhere from Kansas to the East Coast have been placed under winter storm advisory and warned against travelling on the roads.

While the storm has thankfully eased up in St. Louis and other parts of Missouri, the roads are still unsafe for driving, due to the 10 inches of snowfall that blanketed most cities by Saturday morning. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, more than 4 people have already died in car accidents, and up to 1,790 motorists have been stranded in the snow.

At Meyerkord & Kurth, we strongly caution you to avoid driving while these severe winter weather conditions persist. If you do need to travel, however, there are some precautions you should keep in mind while navigating the icy roads.

Here are some road safety tips from our St. Louis car accident lawyers:

  • Drive very slowly. Going too fast is one of the number one causes for winter road accidents. Even going at the normal speed limit, your car can lose traction and quickly skid out of control, especially around curves. Press on the gas pedal slowly and evenly whenever you accelerate.
  • Use threshold braking. By applying constant, low-level pressure to your brakes, your car will decelerate more slowly, which reduces the risk of spinning out.
  • Keep spare parts and gasoline in your car. From a spare tire to extra gas, keeping extra car supplies can prevent you from becoming stranded, and it may even save your life. You should also carry a first-aid kit and other emergency supplies, like a flashlight or radio.
  • Check your tires. Before venturing out, check your tire pressure and treads. If they are deflated, or if the treads appear too worn-down, drive another car or stay home.
  • Keep your gas tank half-full at all times. If you don’t keep your gas above the half-line, there’s a possibility it could freeze in the tank, preventing you from starting the engine later on.

If you’re injured during the storm, don’t panic – Meyerkord & Kurth is here to help. Combining all the benefits of a small family firm with the experience of a much larger one, we can examine your car accident case and determine if negligence played a role in your injuries. Not every driver will observe proper safety precautions out on the winter roads, and when their actions cause injury, you can hold them accountable.

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