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Understanding the Dram Shop Laws In the State of Missouri

Drinks at Bar

Drunk driving is one of the most serious offenses that a person can perform. The driver is often inebriated to the point where they can no longer make safe choices to protect others on the road, leading to serious accidents as a result.

After a drunk driving accident, it’s easy for the injured party to point the finger at the drunk driver and want to hold them accountable. While it was their decision to drink and they should be considered responsible, there may be additional, separate legal action available to injured individuals in drunk driving accidents.

Missouri’s Dram Shop Liability Statutes

When considering the term “dram shop liability,” it’s not something that many people have heard in the past. After all, it’s not a topic that comes up often. However, it’s one of the more important things for victims of drunk driving accidents to recognize.

Under the dram shop laws, an individual who sustains injury in a drunk driving accident may be able to file a separate and additional lawsuit against a bar, establishment, social host, or other party who provides alcohol to an already visibly drunk individual and allows them to leave.

This means that if a person is visibly intoxicated, the bar should refuse to serve the patron anymore alcohol. If they recognize the inebriated state of the patron and still serve them more alcohol, they may be partially responsible for the individual’s actions should they proceed to drive and cause an injury in a car crash.

Similarly, if the intoxicated individual is at a house party and the hosts provide them with alcohol despite the visible inebriation, the host can also be held responsible.

The injured party can still file a lawsuit against the drunk driver, and any additional legal matters brought forth can result in even more compensation. This act of negligence should not be tolerated.

To best understand your rights in a matter involving dram shop liability, it’s important for you to speak with skilled and knowledgeable St. Louis car accident attorneys who can fully explain what rights and options you have moving forward.

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