Single Vehicle Accident Causes Fatality

A fatal one-vehicle auto-accident took place on Friday, December 1st in Millard County, Utah. The car accident took place when an eighteen year old, under the influence of alcohol, drove his vehicle on a rural road around 12:00 at night. As a result of driving over the speed limit, he lost control of his vehicle - which after his attempt to overcorrect, flipped multiple times before coming to a stop in a field. The passenger, fifteen years old, passed away at the scene of the accident. The driver has been charged with automobile homicide, failing to remain at the scene of the accident, DUI with serious injury, and consumption of alcohol by a minor.

Driving under the influence is never acceptable. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 28 people pass away everyday in an auto-accident involving an alcohol-impaired driver. Additionally, in regards to drugs other than alcohol - both legal and illegal - they contribute to about 16% of auto-accidents. Driving while intoxicated is illegal and easy to avoid. Always use a sober driver when under the influence.

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