Several Injured in Accidents

A series of auto-accidents took place along Interstate 55 in Imperial, Missouri on Saturday. Around 10:00 at night, a two-vehicle auto-accident took place. Consequently, both cars were moved to the side of the interstate in order for the drivers to talk outside of their vehicles. Then, a second accident took place when a third vehicle struck one of the parked vehicles, which then struck one of the drivers standing next to it. Tragically, the man that was hit by the car passed away at the hospital. The four other people involved were also taken to hospitals to be treated for both minor and severe injuries.

When driving past sundown, darkness is a factor that can contribute to auto-accidents. Multiple aspects of a driver’s vision can become compromised, such as: peripheral vision, depth perception, and sign recognition. Therefore, it is essential that nighttime drivers remain alert and cautious by using their headlights, aiming their headlights properly, and driving slowly. According to the National Safety Council, people only do about 25% of their driving at night, yet that is when 50% of auto-accident deaths occur.

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