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Pet Store Groomer Viciously Attacked by Dog


A pet groomer at a popular pet supply store was attacked by a pit bull mix in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The victim said that the dog was wearing a muzzle when it was brought in and she alerted the owner that it could not be wearing it in the dog grooming area. She said the owner said that the dog had previously attacked another dog but was “sweet as can be,” however the owner did not disclose that the dog had also attacked a person. The pet store will not groom dogs that have a previous record of biting people. Authorities reported that the victim said she was moving the dog when it attacked her arm and she received multiple flesh wounds to her torso, hand and wrist, and probable broken bones with a possible dislocated shoulder. The victim was transported to a local hospital and then flown to Boston for further care.

Emergency rooms across the country see more than 350,000 dog bite victims a year and total more than $1 billion for these injuries. This is an alarming statistic for those who own dogs or even in the same area as a dog. The victim of the pet store attack may have grounds to pursue charges on the owner of the dog for not disclosing information about a previous attack on a person. As a pet owner, it is their responsibility to report any information regarding their animal when taking it to receive any type of services. However, if you or a loved one is a victim of a dog attack it is important to contact a reputable personal injury attorney. An attorney can be instrumental in securing financial assistance for any medical bills you may incur due to your injuries.

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