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Pedestrian Accident Hospitalizes Six in Seattle


At least six people were hospitalized due to a pedestrian accident in a busy downtown Seattle street. A shuttle van drove into a crowd of people and then the van then crashed into a department store window. The driver reportedly suffered from a medical emergency which caused the pedestrian accident to occur. Several onlookers ran to the scene to help the victims who were injured until medical assistance could arrive. Authorities reported that driver of the van and a pedestrian who was injured by the department store glass were also taken to the hospital. They also reported that the driver will undergo toxicology tests.

Pedestrian accidents occur every eight minutes in the United States. They can range from slips, trips, falls and being struck by a vehicle or a bicycle. Being hit by a vehicle is the third most common pedestrian accident in the U.S. and is a scary statistic. Injuries caused by these accidents can be expensive, stressful and life changing. It is always important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been involved in a pedestrian accident. An attorney will investigate your case and help determine if you can pursue legal action for your injuries.

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