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SUV Crashes Into Home, Narrowly Misses Hitting Children


An SUV crashed into a house in Evanston, Illinois, sending flying debris into a bedroom where two children were playing and sleeping. The 68-year-old driver was driving south on the street when he ran into several parked vehicles. He was attempting to turn around, stepped on the accelerator and the SUV rammed the house. A grandmother and her two granddaughters were home during the accident and barely escaped the debris. One child was in a bed near the window, and the other was playing nearby when the accident happened. Luckily, no one was injured. An ambulance took the driver to the hospital for breathing problems. The local police are investigating the accident.

The pedal error is the largest factor for building accidents. 57% are caused by foot slipping, and 43% is caused by pressing the wrong pedal. Teen and senior drivers are the highest percentage drivers to experience a pedal error. Scarily, it’s estimated that 60 cars each day crash into restaurants, offices, and shops. Injuries sustained in these accidents can not only hurt the victims but be costly as well. It is always important to contact a personal injury attorney who will discuss your legal options with you. An attorney will help decide if you have grounds to pursue legal action for your injuries.

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