Stalled Vehicle Causes Fiery LA Crash

A fiery crash in Los Angeles left a man seriously injured and another man a hero. A photojournalist came up on a crash after a dark-colored SUV stalled on northbound 110, and its lights failed, resulting in the vehicle nearly impossible to see in the early morning hour. Two vehicles hit the stalled SUV, and a third slammed into it causing the SUV to go up into flames. The photojournalist ran to the SUV and pulled the unconscious driver out before it was too late. The driver was transported to a local hospital in critical condition but luckily will be released in a couple of days. Authorities have not been determined whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Injuries sustained in car accidents can be stressful and expensive. Often those injured in crashes are unsure of how they will pay their high medical bills, therapy costs and possible accommodations to their homes if injuries are life-altering. If you are severely injured in an accident that can mean lost time from work and can result in lost wages as well. The assistance of a skilled attorney can help determine if you have grounds to pursue legal actions for your injuries.

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