Miami Plastic Surgeon Hit with Medical Malpractice Suit

A plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida has been charged with medical malpractice after two women were allegedly injured after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. The two women had the procedure performed, and both needed medical attention after their organs were punctured during the surgery. One victim spent four months in the hospital for the procedure that was an “in-and-out” surgery. Medical personnel at a local hospital found that she had a hole in her colon from the sharp instrument that the plastic surgeon used. The other victim experienced extreme pain that wouldn’t go away and underwent exploratory surgery. They found she had several punctures to her liver as well as damage to her chest and abdominal wall. The judge found him guilty of 6 of the nine counts he was charged with, and he will face the Florida Board of Medicine before they accept or make changes to the order.

A medical professional is held to a certain standard, and their care is too, so when they deviate from the standard care and injure a patient that is unacceptable. If you are injured or harmed by a medical professional, you may have grounds to pursue a medical malpractice suit. These injuries can be severe and may mean that you spend months in the hospital, require extensive therapy, need expensive medicine or even need to remodel your home due to life-altering injuries. This could also mean that you are off of work and have lost wages not to mention any family members that take time off to care for you. This means you could owe thousands of dollars in medical bills and other related costs. It is important to contact a medical malpractice attorney to discuss your legal options. An experienced attorney will sit down with you to determine if you have grounds to pursue compensation due to the doctor’s negligence.

The attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC are experienced with medical malpractice cases. We understand the stress and hurt you are going through and focus directly on your needs. We work diligently to get you and your family the care and compensation you deserve. We offer free no-obligation consultations at our downtown St. Louis office to discuss your legal needs. Contact us to receive a free consultation and let us help you get on the road to recovery today.

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