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How to Choose the Right Nursing Facility


Many Americans are tasked with trying to find the right nursing home or assisted living facility for a loved one. It can be a challenging decision to make because there are many facilities to choose from. How do you determine which is a correct fit? Where do you even start when thinking about facilities? Here are a few tips and what to look for when you’re visiting.

* How does it smell? Smell could be one of the first things you notice upon entering the facility. Yes, some smells will happen from residents who have gastrointestinal issues, but those can be cleared out. If the facility smells of stale urine or mustiness, it may mean that it is not properly cleaned.

* What do you hear? Are residents yelling or moaning? Endless beepers going off alerting nurses of residents needing help? These are signals to pay attention to and let you see how attentive the staff is towards their residents. If patients are constantly yelling or needing assistance, it may mean that they are understaffed.

* How’s the food? Check out the dining areas and the food. Does it look appetizing? Does it taste good? Residents can suffer from malnourishment, and this is a must check area.

* How do residents spend their time? Check and see if the facility offers an activity calendar. Many facilities schedule events throughout the month for residents to participate in. Check an activity or two and see if residents are engaging in activities.

* How does the facility handle injuries or falls? Check with the nurses on the protocol for injuries. What is done if a resident falls? Is the family notified if there is an injury? A family member should be notified of any and all slips, falls or injuries.

* Is the facility understaffed? Many incidents happen when facilities are understaffed. Falls, injuries, abuse, and neglect can happen to residents at any facility that does not employ enough capable and qualified staff members.

Obviously, anyone looking at these facilities wants the best possible care for their loved one. Never hesitate to ask questions or voice concerns that you may have. Research each facility you are interested in and visit several times if needed. A nursing home or assisted living facility is a big decision so make sure that you are comfortable with the facility you choose. Suspecting that your loved one has been the victim of nursing home negligence should lead to contacting a personal injury attorney immediately.

The personal injury attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC have decades of experience helping injury victims. Our attorneys understand how stressful nursing home negligence is for the victim and their family. We focus on the needs of our clients and strive for maximum compensation for their injuries. We offer no-obligation consultations at our downtown St. Louis office. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation and let us help you get the care and compensation you deserve.

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